About - John Taylorson Photo

Hi There,

I am a family, corporate and wedding photographer, specializing in environmental portraiture.

My goal is to see people photographed in or outside their homes, workplace -- anywhere they feel most comfortable. Why? Because we look our best when we feel good.

Why use a professional photographer?

Although I don't like to focus on gear..., I do want you to know I use full frame cameras and fast lenses in order to facilitate my skills.

Now, "Uncle Bob" may have a nice camera too, but my clients have learned that a camera does not create professional images.

My job is to help you prepare days ahead; explain what to eat and not to drink before the shoot, choose the right locations(s), clothing, accessories and overall look and feel of the shoot.

Choosing the right location and time of day is key to take advantage of light. And when needed, I use light modifiers and strobes to help accentuate what you want to be seen, as well as what you may want to be hidden! 

Don't know what to do in front of a camera?

Don't worry, most people don't-- we are there to direct you. With over 30 years experience, I continue to focus on connecting with people to help them feel relaxed and natural. Give me an idea of what you want to portray, and I can help you choose the best location,  and direct your looks to give your viewers what you want.

Creating your best image

I have a passion for not just preserving memories on print or canvas, but capturing looks, emotion and moments in time. Although shooting is a large part of my work, most of my time is spent in the “digital darkroom,” creating picture-magic.  I work hard--while having fun--making each image create a mood and tell a story that will last for generations.

Ultimately, my mission is to help create your best image and present them in print.

Let's connect

To learn more, contact me or email me at john@johntaylorsonphoto.com. I can also be reached on my mobile phone at 626-808-1319.